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Vote for The Audiophile for The Mobbies 2014



For those outside of Baltimore, you may not have any clue what this is, but there is a Best-in-Baltimore awards event every year hosted by The Baltimore Sun recognizing Maryland-centric social media in and around Maryland.  This year is the awards 9th running and with it Audiophile : Akwitz has been nominated in one of its voting categories!

vote for my blog in the mobbies early and often

If you enjoy the music discovery and everything that the Audiophile shares please show the love and vote daily for us!

Vote HERE for Audiophile : Akwitz in this year’s Mobbies awards in the “Best Music/Entertainment Blog” category.

Don’t think means we will slow down putting out new posts and sharing new music discoveries either.  Our hope here is to expand even further in the upcoming months and following year with expanded segments and hopefully by adding additional bloggers and guest writers.

Once again, we urge everyone that enjoys what Audiophile : Akwitz shares with you to vote daily to be one of the best Music blogs in Baltimore.  Be sure not to miss the boat!


Vote Here


Thank you all for reading!




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2 thoughts on “Vote for The Audiophile for The Mobbies 2014

  1. YAY! Vote for akwitz! I worked hard to make sure he made it into the few and the elite. Let’s do this thing!

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